Introduction: Wedding Photo Booth Tutorial Iphone $60-$100

Did you know that iPhone 5 or 6 you use everyday can also be used as a photobooth?
That automatically prints out pictures after every session wirelessly to an Epson xp520 inkjet printer?
Here is what you need
1. IPhone 5, 5s, or 6 sorry older versions of the iPhone do not have the HD facetime front facing camera.

2. Epson XP520 inkjet printer $60 you can buy at Walmart, and some good Epson inkjet photo paper. Do NOT use cheap paper or 3rd party inks that might fade. Epson inks and paper are worth it. While many photobooth rental companies use 4x6 paper because it is cheap. I'd recommend a larger size like 4x10 which you can get by cutting a 8x10 size sheets in half. any print shop can do this for you.
The intial set of inks should give you around 100 prints.

3. Props, background and lights and a long table to put everything on.

The above photo shows all the various standard templates you can make and what they look like printed on 4x6" paper. Again I recommend larger paper.

Step 1: Download the My Vintage Photo Booth App and Watch These Youtube Tutorials on How to Set Up.

download the My Vintage Photo Booth app
watch these tutorial videos which were made with an ipad, but iPhone works the same way.

Step 2: Mount Your Iphone on Your Prop Table

Now that you understand how the app works, all you have to do now is set up your kiosk.
We recommend using a standard 30x72" table, most venues have one that you can use or just ask around, a friend or neighbor probably has one of these folding tables.

Put all your props on the table that way they are right in front of guests so they easily change them inbetween shots. Get two end table lamps or floor lamps or even a desk lamp and put a lamp on each side of the table. Use very bright led or fluorescent bulbs in them, 200watt equivalent is what I recommend. with out good bright lights your pictures will not look good.

For your iPhone I"d recommend an inxpenstive $25 gooseneck holder clamp that you can get at amazon or ebay. If it is a wedding or other fancy event i'd recommend getting a old vintage polaroid camera and putting your iPhone inside to make it look classy. Then put the whole thing on a small tripod. or even box.

There are many tutorials on how to make a DIY background so I wont' go into details of that.

The Epson printer only holds about 25 sheets of paper so someone will have to reoload it about once every half an hour.

For other great videos and photobooth info visit our website