Introduction: Wedding Shower Clothes Pins

Everyone loves the clothespin game at wedding or bridal showers. Here is a fun way to spruce up your pins that your guest will really notice and appreciate!

Step 1: What You Will Need.

• Wooden Clothespins
• Whiteout Corrective Fluid or white paint and paint brush
• Markers
•Black pen

Step 2: Start With the Face

Using your pen add an eye to each side of the opening of the clothespin. One side will be the bride and the other will be the groom. Using a marker (pink or red) give the bride some blush and/or lipstick.

Step 3: Brides Dress and Grooms Collar

Using your white paint or corrective fluid ( I use this because it covers nicely and has its own paint brush) paint the half for the bride and just the neck part of the groom. Be sure to paint all sides of the bride.

Step 4: Grooms Tux

Using a black marker make a little tie for the groom at the top of the collar you just made. Next start at the bottom of the collar and color everything black. Make sure to get all sides.

Step 5: Add Some Hair

Using the color marker of your choice give the bride and groom some hair.

Step 6: Additional Steps

Some extra things you could do is add flowers to the brides dress or take a small piece of tulle and make a veil.

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