Introduction: Week 1: Ornamental Pattern

Designed a 2D ornamental pattern in Grasshopper and extruded it into a 3 dimensional form.

Step 1: Creating Lines by Connecting Points

Created a distance function and generated a list of lines.

By modifying the input parameters, different patterns have been generated.

It was helpful to use panel connected to 'out' for debugging.

Q: It was hard for me to locate the exact points that I wanted. Is there better way locate points instead of manually checking the coordinates?

Step 2: Generate a 2.5-D Model

Converted the resulting pattern composed of curves to a volumetric solid.

Used the same input parameters as shown in the instruction to check if the output matches.

Modified the parameters to produce different kinds of patterns.

I've chosen the pattern on the right because it kind of looks like a flower.

Q: I made a mistake of exporting a new model with the already baked model. How will Cura treat them if they have overlap?

Step 3: Bake and Slice

Baked by right clicking the boolean component and selecting "bake".

Then, the completed design was exported as STL format.

The figure shows the STL opened in Cura and sliced.

The estimated time for 3D printing is 6 minutes.