Introduction: Week 3: Lamp Shade

Used 'surface from points' and 'revolution of a profile curve' to design a lamp shade in Grasshopper.

Step 1: Test Part

Measured the diameter of the existing light fixture base and created a test part for a lamp shade.

Step 2: Surface From Points

Modified '' from the class to represent a surface from points.

Design Criteria:
1) Make a surface which covers the light bulb.
2) Needs to have holes on top and the bottom.

I initially aimed for the pulsing sphere on the website below.

While I was playing with different parameters, I found the variation of the pulsing shape most interesting. (It looks like a tulip.)
Had to pull the sphere apart to create a hole on top.

Step 3: Boolean Operation

Performed a Boolean operation between the shade and the test part.

It took a while to figure out which forms are possible to merge together.

Learned that Boolean Union doesn't work for some surfaces if:

1. There are naked edges.

2. Forms don't have intersections.

Step 4: Printing..

The estimated time for the updated model is approximately 1day 4 hours.