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Where there are a various types of coasters in the market I got fed up with all these and decided to make a weird emoji kind of coaster and it really came out a bit weird and I actually like it.

In this present world people run out of new designs and actually whatever the weird designs that comes up will get hype all at once.

My coaster is one among those and I hope really it gets famous.

in this Tutorial I am showing you how to make this.

So lets get it started .

Step 1: Material Needed

Materials needed are:

  1. Any used Compact Disc(CD)
  2. Craft paper of any color you wish
  3. Glue Stick
  4. Scissors

Step 2: Mark and Cut

Keep the CD over the craft paper and mark the boundaries of the circle on the craft paper using a pen or a pencil.

After marking the Boundaries on the craft paper take a pair of scissors and crop the craft paper just outside the boundary and keep the cropped craft paper aside.

Step 3: Glue and Paste

Take Glue stick and apply it to the craft paper.

Put the craft paper on the CD and stick it to the CD.

Apply a little amount of glue to the outer ends of the craft paper and crease it inside to the other end of the CD.

Step 4: Eyes

Take any craft paper of different color and mark the measurement such that it will come half to that of the CD and mark the curved surface.

Crop the marked surface and paste it over the CD using a glue stick.

Mark Diamond shaped eyes on the same craft paper or any other and Crop them and paste over the previous surface as shown.

Follow the images properly.

Step 5: Mouth and Use

Take the same craft paper so that you don't have to waste any other and mark a mouth like shape on it.

I like it to be weird so I just marked an evil like shaped mouth as shown in the images.

Paste it over the other surface as shown in the figure.

Now you are done with your Coaster and see how weired it is, you can do as how ever you want it to be.

Keep it on the dining table and use it under the glasses or any jar and make your dining more fun.

Thank you.

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