Introduction: Weld Cleaner With TIG Welding Machine

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I just came across idea on web, and i thought, I have to try it out.

I have to mention, I am not a welder, just o hobbyist. so don't be afraid to try it for yourself.

It worked well. And I thought, legitimate machines cost thousands of dollars. And if you are a welder, you have to have welding machine.
So This tutorial could help a lot of people.

And it is not more than half an hour project, that can save you a lot of money.

Step 1: Prepare a Brush

Since I use TIG welding machine, it is very simple, to get a body or support for the brush.

I use gas lens for my welding. So normal collet body that came with welder was unused.

I cut front part off, to get a bigger whole.

Than I use some unidirectional carbon fibre. Don't be afraid of carbon fibre. Even if you don't have it square meter is around 20-30 eur/dollar. So even if you buy whole meter, you can make couple of brushes, and if you throw the rest out, it will still be cheaper than buy a machine or made brush.

I use some fibers to stuff them into the hole.

And one layer I wrap around the collet body.

Secure the hole with some hot glue ( I know not the best option, because process creates some heat, but this is what i need to improve with new brush)

And on outside i secure fibers with two zip ties.

Step 2: Cleaning

After putting the torch back together it is time to make you a cleaning solution.

Commercial solutions are expensive. and the are some sort of acid. it means they are not very healthy.

But the internet helps a lot, and you can find, that the process works with citric acid.

So actually I tried both, lemon juice and citric acid that you can buy in grocery store on baking department.

Both cheap and not that harmful.

Citric acid works little better.

So first I dissolve acid in water.

Than connect you peace on ground from your welding machine.

Don't forget to close your Argon bottle. It would be waste of gas.

And set your machine to 5-10 amp.

I turn off high frequency start.

Dip your new brush in acid, make it really wet and start brushing your weld.

You will see some sparks and some vapor and weld becoming bright.

Make sure, the weld is always wet, and be gentle with the brush, making turns an not staying on one place for long.

Step 3: Results

And the results are visible.

First part of weld is deliberately left uncleaned, to see the difference.