Introduction: Welding With Superglue (cyanoacrylate), Baking Soda (sodium Bicarbonate) and Instamorph .

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Step 1: ​It's Broke!

Both metal legs of my ironing table broke.

Step 2: Stuff Needed

I glue it back with superglue and baking soda.

Step 3: Layers of Superglue and Baking Soda

You must put a layer of superglue and immediately pour baking soda over it.

Wait a few seconds and repeat it.

Make a few layer this way in both sides if possible.

Step 4: Instamorph Ring

To keep the place stable i added a ring of thermoplastic (Instamorph)

Step 5: Voilá

Saved a few bucks fixing instead of buying.

Step 6: FAIL!

Unfortunately the glue+soda wasn´t strong enough for this job.
I used the table a couple of times but today it failed.