Introduction: What I Would Like to Visit/ Middle of the World

My project is based in the middle of the world since it is a place that I have not been able to visit and I would like to get to know so I tried to make a graphic of something that rebukes it So how I learned to use tinkercard My teacher gave me some tips for some tips How could I do my project? Sometimes I was very stressed. But when I finished doing my project, I felt proud and felt that although sometimes you have to express yourself or get frustrated why things don't turn out the way you wanted, in the end you will have a good result and you will feel happy because you could do it and you will know that you are going to be able to do more things and what you set your mind to achieve.

Step 1: Base

First I searched for a figure to use of base like the one in the middle of the world, the figure name is double trapezoid.

Step 2: Sphere

Second I searched a figure like the up part of the middle of the world, i found a sphere and i used.

Step 3: Stairs

Third I searched for something like stairs and found, put it on.

Step 4: Robots/persons

Lastly I don't want to be so simple, so I looked for something that looked like a person so I found some robots that look like people and I put them and they were super cute.