Introduction: What Is a Mini Metal Lathe and How to Use It for Metalworking

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Custom Cez explains what is a mini metal lathe machine, a hobbymat md65 also known as a prazi lathe, and then makes a part with it though this review. This metal lathe "how to" video will give the the basics to get one working in no time.

Step 1: Watch the Video

Before we can start making the fuel cup, we need to understand what is a lathe and how to work it.

In this video we explain from the very beginning, some instruction about this mini lathe.

Step 2: Description and Review of the Mini Lathe Hobbymat Mod65

First we'll go through a detailed description and review of the parts that make a hobbymat md65 (prazi lathe) mini metal lathe machine for metalworking, from the tool post all the way to the gears, engine and cross slides.Then we start a tutorial on the creation of a new part machining it from a piece of stock aluminum. We will be turning a gas cup for a Harley Davidson tank with a shape of a crown.We'll push our mini lathe machine to the max in this metalworking task.

What did we do:

• detailed description and review of a hobbymat md65 metal (prazi lathe) mini lathe with all its parts.

• adaptation of an existing gas cup to use as a base for our ornament

• machining on the metal lathe of some stock aluminum

• fitting test

Step 3: Watch the Second Video

Now that we know what a mini lathe is and how it works, in this second video we can finally start building our fuel cup.

Step 4: Creation of a Design Tank Cup

In this second part we continue our lathe project with the metalwork on our fuel tank cup by machining the part at an angle using the rotating capability of the top slide. We'll create a tapered surface both on the outside and the inside of our piece.The we put Polsky Rage's grinding skill to the test for the creation of the crown points to then finish up the job with a file.

What did we do:

• working the mini metal lathe cutting tool at an angle

• machining of an outside taper

• machining of an inside taper

• designing of the final shape right on the part• grinding of the shape

• filing of the shape

• final touches of the fuel cup