Introduction: Roland Amazing Dog House

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In this episode we will create an incredible dog house with a cats shelter. All covered with Roland prints on wood and carpet.
We will leave with an economical material, 18 mm OSB boards, which will then be appreciated thanks to Roland technology.

Step 1: Watch the Video

Step 2: Watch the Second Video

Step 3: Download the Plans and Design Files

Download the plans in pdf available on this instructable and visit our facebook page following this link to get the design files in .ai format and the circuit schematics for the arduino project as well as the code to run it.

Step 4: Measures and Cuts

First of all we will have to cut the OSB wood, so we mark all measures with a pencil and we proceed with saws, saw blades, or with what best suits this for action. In our case, we tried to replicate every possible workshop situation for those less equipped or those with pro gear, so that everyone can find its own dimension.

Step 5: Optimizing Our OSB Wood by the Amazing Roland Devices

Once all the low-cost OSB wood pieces have been cut to size, we head to ROLAND DG's headquarters in Acquaviva Picena to customize our dog kennel, better known as Roland Amazing Dog House. Here, thanks to the UV printers of the great Japanese company, we managed to give off our wooden pieces, the designs we had previously made in vector. UV Printing is a fast-dyeing process that can withstand impressive ink in minutes.

Also realized logo and the extraordinaryness of the Roland machines, we come back to the workshop to assemble the pieces and finally give a final look to our cuckoo, which we always remember to be made with low cost or low budget, OSB type.

Step 6: Reassembling the Wood Pieces and Engineering the Automatic Water Dispenser

At this point, besides screwing the screws in their seats, we have to apply the carpet for the cats and the top floor of the whole house, so let's remember, in addition to dogs, even cats like to have their own house.

The last step for our do-it-yourself box, but not least, is the construction of a water recirculation system. To achieve this we used a nano arduino as a microcontroller, an ultrasonic sensor, a relay and a membrane electric pump. Everything will be hidden in the pocket we have mounted inside the jacket, so it will be hidden outside and near the dog bed, but not too much to annoy it, since the space is still remarkable. The realization of this water recirculation system was not easy but if you are anxious about electronics and Arduino, you will find it accessible and you will be more than satisfied with the result.

After completing the automated acuqa for our dog, there is nothing left to enjoy the final result and invite cats and other furry friends to our friendly chef, in fact our Amazing Dog House.

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