Introduction: What to Do With Old Underware/ T-shirts Etc

Ever got a little upset over underware which fabric is still very usable but the elasticated parts aren't ? Well here is an idea. (but you can also do it with any kind of t-shirt or other cotton like fabrics)

Step 1: Thigs You Need:

Scissors, old underwear like panties, socks, or even t-shirts or fabric left-overs which are not very thick, a grid you can buy in any shop selling wool, ribbons, buttons etc, and the special tool which goes with it.

Step 2: Cutting the Fabric

Cut all the fabrics in ribbons of 15cm by 1,5cm, discarding all elastics, thick parts (double layered, or even sawing areas) . Cut many of these stripes before you actually start your work but you do not need to have the full amount of stripes you will need , as you can always cut some more whenever you need

Step 3: How to Create Your Rug

Decide the layout (if any) for the colours you want to use and then start by folding the hems of the grid and inserting a few ribbons at the corners and in the middle of the hems so that the grid itself won't come apart. To insert the ribbons in the grid you use the tool's hook: You Chose a hole and insert the tool in that hole, the front of the tool has a hook (which opens and closes) in which you will insert your ribbon half to each side , then you slide the tool back (which causes the hook to close thus securing your ribbon), pull it towards you till it comes a little out of the hole. Push the tool again, (making the hook to open and pulling the ribbon's middle a little out of the hole (but not the whole ribbon) In the open hook you will then insert the two extremities of the ribbon, and then pull the took again, forcing the two extremities to come through its middle. Pull these all the way and you will end up with a knot.

Step 4: The Finished Rug

After patiently filling in all the holes using the same process you will end up with a rug which can be very useful but also very decorative.This one in the picture is still in the process.