Introduction: What to Do With Used Scentsy Wax

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So you own a scentsy wickless candle burner or other brand of wickless candle burner and you have left over wax that no longer smells strong or it no longer smells at all.  What do you do?

Believe it or not there are uses for that old wax, there are even individuals who would gladly take it off your hands!

Step 1: Batiking

Batiking is a method of dyeing a fabric.  You use a wax resist to keep areas of the fabric for being dyed.  You can do multiple colors and color mixing.  I did a quick search and there are some nice batiking instructbales to check out.

Scentsy wax does have a high oil content, this is why you get some amazing smells from the bars.  However, once the oil and fragrance has burned out you are left with the high quality wax.  This wax can be used as your was for the resit of your batiking. 

Many thanks to one of our districts art teachers who gave me this great idea!

(Examples of batiking here were found using a google image search)

Step 2: Glaze Resist

A glaze resist is used in ceramics.  The wax keeps glaze off an area where it has been painted on.  This can be done on the bottom of a pot to keep glaze off the kiln shelf or as a decorative technique.

(Examples of glaze wax resist found in a google image search)

Step 3: Other Uses

I am sure there are many individual out there who have come up with uses for their left over wax, I'd love to hear what you have tried and I will add them to this instructable!