Introduction: What's a Knitted Roll? (A Super Easy Craft.)

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A few people have asked me this and I can't believe I forgot to explain it. 

A knitted roll is a long tube of knitted fabric. They are about 3 inches by 4 feet. Its called a knitted roll because it looks like a cinnamon roll when it is coiled up in a circle. They are perfect for crafts because there is so much you can do with them and they are so easy to work with.

Step 1: How Is It So Easy?

You can knit a long tube and use that instead but knitted roll crafts are more for people that can't knit (or knit too slowly). They are also for people who are not that good at crafts or don't want to work with tiny parts.

Knitted roll projects usually involve hand-sewing but it is not difficult. The needle is huge and has a rounded point so you can't hurt yourself with it. You are sewing with yarn not thread and the Vs (knitted roll stitches) that the needle goes through are huge. I mean look at the pictures. You never have to punch a tiny needle into a tiny opening in fabric.

Another plus is that each knitted roll project can usually be completed in a day. It took me 30 minutes to make a woven rug out of 8 knitted rolls. If you are not patient then this is a great craft for you.

I recommend knitted roll crafts to children and adults and everyone pretty much. If you want a craft that is fast and affordable for you or your kids then check out the knitted roll.

If you want to learn the basics of knitted roll crafts then see the basics video I made.

You can get knitted rolls from where the rolls are $1.25 each. In addition they come with 4 yards of yarn of the same color as the roll that you can sew with.

The next step shows you what projects you can do with them.

Step 2: Craft Project Ideas

You can stuff them and bend them to make toys.
You can put wire in them to make them hold their shape for baskets, or pet beds.
You can weave them into all sorts of things like rugs, shawls, purses, or ponchos.
You sew them into blankets, dog sweaters, hats, scarves, arm warmers, leg warmers, headbands, or anything you can think of.

I've included pictures I made on Paint of some things I want to make with knitted rolls when I find the time.

If you want instructions for a specific project send me a message. I love to make instructions.

Anyway thanks for reading this.