Introduction: Wheel Covers LED Lighting

I love cars and everything that is related to them!!

This was the motive and the challenge to make something unique and special that will fit in my house and also to be affordable. In the past I had seen and be impressed by DIY projects with hidden lighting by the use of LED and one day I came across with an advertisement about a special offer on wheel covers!!

And then .... an idea was born. What about making a lamp combining LED and wheel covers??!!!!

This project is also a very good idea for decorating a student home, because is very easy to made it and will make your home a place that will standout!! ;)

Step 1: Materials & Tools

In order to bring this project to life you will need:

- 4 wheel covers of any size, pattern and material you like. (In my case i used 13" plastic wheel covers)

- 4m flexible LED strip light 220V with a color of your choice.( I chose warm white)

(If you choose bigger wheel covers you will have to use longer LED strip light. A way to measure the appropriate length is by measuring the periphery of each wheel cover and multiplying it by the number of your wheel covers. For example for 4 15" wheel covers you will need : 4*( π *15") = 188,4" or 4,8m. So a 4.5m led strip would fit fine. I would not suggest to use a 5m because it's seems better when the led strip is hidden and not going all the way down to the socket)

- Twist Tie (i.e. metal wire) to adjust the LED strip light to the wheel covers

- Pliers to remove excess metal wire

- Some nails and a hammer to hang it on the wall

Step 2: Placement

Arrange wheel covers vertically in a way to have a slightly zic-zac pattern as shown above at the pictures.

Then turn them upside down and by the use of the twist tie make at the first wheel cover a noose from where you will hang it on the wall (shown at the red cycle).

Step 3: Attachments

Attach roughly the LED strip light at the wheel covers starting from the bottom to the top and then back to the bottom again as shown the picture.

With the use of the metal wire, tighten the LED strip to the snaps of the wheel covers.

Repeat this until the LED strip and wheel covers are tightly secured.

You can also try to lift it in order to see if any further attachments are needed.

Step 4: Removal of Excess Material

Last but not least, by the use of the pliers remove the excess material from the metal wires so as to have a clean look and also to protect yourself from any traumatism. Fit the LED strip light good enough to the wheel covers and make the final corrections to have a nice and smooth shape.

What's more, turn the LED strip light on so as to ensure that everything works fine!

Step 5: Turn the Rest of the Lights Off!! ENJOY!

Congratulations!!! You made it!!

You reached the final step!

Now, its time to hang the wheel covers lighting on the wall, turn the rest of the lights off, turn it on and..... ENJOY it!!!!

A nice atmosphere will make you relax and make your room looks better!!

You can also try a RGB LED strip with which you have the ability to change colors anytime you want!!

Please feel free to share any comments.

Thank you for your time!

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