Whiplash Costume (From "Iron Man 2")

Introduction: Whiplash Costume (From "Iron Man 2")

I originally made this for last Halloween, but I didn't finish it in time for the contest. I had seen Iron Man 2, and immediately wanted to make a Whiplash costume. In the movie he's shirtless, but I didn't want anyone to faint, so I kept a T-shirt on ;) This is how it ended up!!
Sorry about some shaky pictures, my sister took them.

Materials used:

-Erector Set pieces
-Spray paint

NOTE: I used many reference pictures, so I won't explain how parts should look, just the materials and the basics. You can compare my costume with pictures from the movie to see where I got the design for each part.

The Clothing:
-The boots are basic working boots
-In the movie, his pants are orange, since he just got out of prison,
 but I figured brown worked just as well.
-You can leave your shirt off if you want (he doesn't have on on in the movie),
 but I kept it on, since I didn't like walking around the neighborhood with my shirt off.
The Back Plate:
-Using erector set pieces, I fashioned the back plate according to how it looked.
-The very bottom piece is just cardboard.
-The green stuff that looks like tubing, is just that-tubing. (just detail)
-I used a thin black jump rope for the middle, with small, rounded off bolts every inch or so until it reaches the top off the back plate. Then, I ran the jump rope ends to some rubber RC car tires, and attached them to the shoulder straps(details).
-Behind the back plate is the battery pack for the rope lights.
-The shoulder straps run to behind the back plate and are just hot glued back there.
Arm Pieces:
-The 3 individual straps on the arms are cardboard, which I measured to fit my arm, with the exception of the last one. There is some strapping (foam) underneath the one on the bicep. (details, again)
-The side pieces are erector set pieces that I put together.
-The tiny tube things on the side of the wrist strap is curled up cardboard.
-The handles are PVC wrapped in electrical tape.
-The spindled tube (from a pet store for a fish tank) contains the extra length of rope lights on either side, up until about halfway, where the tubing is cut and connected to a triangle erector set piece, so that the rope lights can continue to the back along the outside of the spindle tubing, fastened on with zip ties.
-The actual rope lights are battery powered rope lights I purchased from Amazon for about $20.
-Almost the entire suit is made from recycled materials.
The Arc Reactor and Strap Pieces:
-The Arc Reactor is a modified tap light. All I did was remove the dome clear plastic, and put some flat scratched/dull plastic in place of that to diffuse the light more evenly.
-The triangle pieces underneath the  Arc Reactor is just more detail, but it is just made from cardboard (reference pictures help here).
-The metal pieces connecting the arc reactor to the front straps is parts of an old umbrella (detail).
-The  line extending from the bottom of the triangles is just more jump ropes, except for the larger, longer pieces about 4 inches down; they are just Nerf darts with the top taken off and wrapped in aluminum tape.
-The jump rope just gets connected to the inside of the belt you see underneath the last strap.
-The actual strapping is made from foam. I cut the basic shape for the straps out of one giant, half inch thick piece of foam.
-I then covered the foam in pieces of tape so the spray paint had a better surface to stick to.
-I added second layers of foam to pieces that needed it.
-All the straps are connected by the buckles from D-ring belts (the kind that the belt goes through the first D buckle, and doubles back through the second D buckle.
-I am wearing a belt underneath the bottom most strap in front.

And that's it! I hope this helps you make your own Whiplash costume. Also, the lights have a better effect in the dark.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    That's really cool man!! I thought of building this costume too :) ..But you're wrong... He got orange clothes as a disguise of a racing team technician (or something like that). He went to prison after he attacked Tony Stark at the racing circuit ;)


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Haha thanks! You are correct, he had orange clothes. I had to make do with what I had though. :)


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! I pretty much had a full range of motion: I could turn my wrists, bend my elbows, and almost rotate 360 degrees. Only problem was I had to hold on to the whips the entire time, but oh well :)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    This looks really cool! The instructable is a bit lacking though. Where did you find/buy the rope lights? How is it powered? Does it make noise? etc. Nice work otherwise!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Hi Aleator777, thanks for your feedback!! I am aware that I don't have a lot of information, only because this was originally only for the Halloween photo contest, I didn't think it would be accepted for any others. But now that it has, I will be editing it in a few days to go into more detail about the build, and do an overview, since I didn't document while building it. Please check back after I update it!! Thanks again!