Introduction: White Noise Helicopter

How to create an aesthetically pleasing helicopter whose rotor blades provide a relaxing white noise


18 gauge sheet metal

- 1 sheet 2sqft

- 1 sheet 4sqft

2 ft Iron rod (any small gauge)

Mig welder

Plasma cutter



Ban saw

1 sheet of thin metallic vinyl

2sqft 1/4th inch transparent arylic sheet (light green)

Mouldable Glue (from amazon)

Stepper motor

Soldering kit

9v battery

Battery snap on connector

Acrylic Paint

Gesso primer

Step 1: Plan Out Design on 3d Computing Software to Understand Design and Shapes

play around with each angle so you can understand the design better before you jump in

Step 2: Get Your 2sqft Sheetmetal and Measure the Head of Copter With Sharpie

leave hole for window

make sides symmetrical

Step 3: Plasma Cut Sharpie Lines and Cut the Middle in Whole

attach from an angle inside with mig welder

Step 4: Lay Head on Side on Top of 4sqft Sheetmetal and Draw Angle to a Long, Triangular Point

leave room for repeated shape

plasma cut this

trace shape again in sheetmetal

attach to head with mig welder

Step 5: Lay Copter Upside Down on Excess Sheetmetal and Trace Inside of Top With Sharpie

attach with mig welder on top

Step 6: Lay Copter Unpaid Down and Plasma Cut Hole in the Top

Step 7: Plasma Cut One Top Fin and Two Identical Fins to Your Satisfaction

weld them on at an angle

Step 8: Cut Iron Rod Into 4 Pieces

two identical

one larger

one smaller

Step 9: Bend Two Identical Pieces on Each End

keep the other two strait

Step 10: Weld Together Like So

Step 11: Weld Onto Bottom

Step 12: Trace Plexi a Tad Bigger (inch on Each Side) Than Window Opening

use ban saw to cut plexiglass on sharpie line

Step 13: Attach Plexiglass From Inside Using Moudable Glue

Step 14: Soldier Stepper Motor to 9v Battery Snap on

Step 15: Cut Three Strips of Vinyl and Snap Into Stepper Motor Fan Clip

bend each at an angle so they lightly scrape top of copter

Step 16: Lay Copter on Side, Slide Motor Through Hole, Fill in Hole With Moudabe Glue and Test Motor

Step 17: Mix Gesso and Acrylic Paint (color of Choice) for One Step Primer&paint Coat

Step 18: Paint Top of Fan Clip (if Needed-mine Was Yellow)

Step 19: Paint Stripes and Attach Stencil of Choice

Step 20: Let Dry for 30 Min

Step 21: Done