Introduction: Who Lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea? - Miniature


Arrrrr you ready kids?

Aye, Aye, Captain!

I can't hear you.

Aye, Aye, Captain!


Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?


I came up with this idea during the weeks of the quarantine, for as my mind began to dissolve with boredom, the line between fact and fiction slowly faded away, leaving me with strange and funny ideas, such as this amalgamation: a cross between your favorite character's house and a classic Mr. Potato Head figure.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

The ingredients of this recipe for disaster are as simple as they appear: a PINEAPPLE, PLA Plastic (15g), Acrylic Paint (blue and grey), Hot Glue, and Finishing Nails (x5). Choosing the right PINEAPPLE is the most important step, because the yellower it is, the more authentic the final facsimile will be.

Step 2: Slice Models

I used Fusion 360 and Cura to design and slice the 3D models, due to the fact that they are free and reliable.

The settings I used were:

  • .2 mm layer height
  • 200 C temperature
  • 100% infill
  • ✓ Supports
  • ✓ Skirt

Step 3: Print Models

I used a CR-10 to print the sliced 3D models because of its cheap price and, well, it is the only printer I have. At least for the moment... Wait a few months, the answer will probably be different then.

Also, I used white PLA filament because its easy to paint on, and therefore will allow us to better capture every beautiful detail of Spongebob's glorious abode.

Step 4: Paint Models

Now comes the fun part...bringing the whole schabang to life!

First, I mixed up some light grey acrylic paint, and slathered it on all the printed surfaces, except for the bottoms because they won't be shown.

Then, I waited...

Next, I waited some more...

Finally, after what felt like a whole 10 minutes, the paint was dry and I could slather some light blue acrylic paint on the windows. No masking was needed.

Step 5: Nail Models

No...we're not really jabbing a spike through all that hard work you just did. We're just hot gluing a nail to the back of each piece so that they can stick into the PINEAPPLE. For some pieces, like the door, I recommend 2 nails, just because of their size.

Step 6: Done!

That's it. Your done. Now stick the pieces into the pineapple at their appropriate locations and you shall have magnificent, no, marvelous centerpiece for your dinner table. It's just as Spongebob said, all it took was a little, "IMAGINATION!"

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