Introduction: Whole Wheat Bread No Knead

This bread has no knead. This is wheat bread and is very healthy.


3 ¾ cups hot water

½ cup unrefined coconut oil

½ cup raw unfiltered honey

½ cup powdered milk

½ cup rolled old fashioned oats

2 T salt

4 cups of Grounded wheat flour

Vitamin C

Step 1: Yeast

Put ¾ cup of hot water in a bosch with 2 T of SAF yeast.

Step 2: Ingredients

Wait for 10 Minutes and then put ½ cup unrefined coconut oil, ½ cup raw unfiltered honey, ½ cup powdered milk, ½ cup rolled old fashioned oats,2 T salt,4 cups of Grounded wheat flour,2 Crushed up Vitamin C tablets into the Bosch. Next mix it in the bosch for 10 Minutes at full speed. If it is very sticky throw more flour into the bosch while it is mixing. Next take the dough out of the bosch and put it in another bowl. Spray the bosch with non-stick oil. Then stick it back in the bosch.

Step 3: Rising

Move the bosch bowl to a hot place or the oven at 100° Degrees for 1 hour. After it should have doubled in size if not put it in a warmer place or the oven.

Step 4: Baking

Divide the Dough into 3 separate pieces 27 to 30 ounces each. Flatten each piece of bread with your knuckles and tuck the ends underneath. Stick the dough in the pans and heat the oven up to 350° Degrees. Bake for 26 Minutes or until Golden. Remove the bread from the oven and wait 9 to 15 Minutes. Lastly Remove it from the pan and ENJOY.

Step 5:

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