Introduction: WiFi Jammer ( No Biasing This Time!)

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The 802.11 standards are vulnerable to deauth attacks i.e. they basically requires no encryption for ACK of the packet and accepts from any AP.Hence gets deauthenticated from the AP. Basically a DOS attack.

Aireplay-ng , Esp826 , Scapy(python) can all perform this attack. Here`s a little insight on all of these and deauth attack itself before getting started.

All Deauth Attack


Step 1: About

The Wifi-Jammer has been quite a talk of the town for past few days as it has been shown to us by aireplay-ng before and now esp8266. The project was first published by Space Hunter on instructables using Node Mcu.

The attack features a nice CSS-HTML-JS enabled attack GUI which is pretty awesome and acts as access point, after authenticating to which , you can send deauth packet or run the rouge access point aka 'evil' access point attack program. If you have not checked it already , definitely give it a look and for all those who wanna diy it : Wifi Jammer.

The project can be further extended as mentioned by space-hunter himself to launch de-auth attack every detected access point and stations on it within the range.Hence here`s my little experiment on the darker side.

Let`s go....

Step 2: Parts

Only node mcu or esp826 . Go for breakout board as it contains otg adapter for powering the Node Mcu.

If you have not worked with Node muc problem ! check out the space hunter`s page on the link given above for a detailed installation and description .

And you`re good to go ....

Step 3: Final

Just upload the DeAuth program to the node mcu and probably every device within on your floor within the range gets deuthenticated.


1. The programs uses functionality of freedom_packets mentioned in SDK1+ versions and removed in SDK3 libraries for the node mcu.(the hack works well enough)

2. The project originally was developed by Rand Druid . The program works well enough to send unbiased deauth

frames ,but needs a little bit of tweeking to get it right(sometimes a lot) :-).

3. Put your devices address on the whitelist to escape them upon checking for SSIDs.

4.If it doesn`t work still, open the program and change the values at the deauth-packet frame description ..

(mentioned as comment in the program : idk how it worked!).

5. Add home -made antennae to it for de -authenticating the whole apartment stations connected to AP.

(mine was 3-storeys ... It worked most of the times while sometimes on laptop ,they get connected back quickly!)

Check out the original project page itself to download the patch also...