Introduction: Wifi Extender

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My family recently bought a smart tv and to boost the wifi signal I made this. It is made with household items. Please vote this into the Weekend project contest!

Step 1: Gather Materials

You need : a wooden skewer, can, scissors, aluminum foil, electrical tape, and that's it!!

Step 2: Prepare Skewer and Can

Cut the skewer in half and keep both halves.
Cut the can about an inch from the top, and keep the top part. I taped the sharp edge so no one would get cut

Step 3: Fold Foil

Fold the foil to about double the width and the length of a dollar bill.

Step 4: Tape Together

Tape one half of the skewer lengthwise on the foil. Then tape the other half vertical so it looks like a sail. Then tape the whole thing onto the can with the bottom of the top facing up.

Step 5: Place and You're Done!

Place it so it will boost the signal to the desired direction. You're done!