Introduction: Wildernest Tent Frame Replacement and Upgrade

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Step 1: Identify What Generation Wildernest You Have

The tubing for the tent frame on my wildernest is 1.125" in diameter. The corners are held together by 1" (nominal) water pipe elbows. If yours isn't like this I dunno if this fix will work for you.

Step 2: Don't Elbow Me

Actually. Do elbow me. This fix works if you have the early pipe-elbow frame corners only. This won't work on the welded frames but may work on other styles of wildernest with different corners- no guarantees

Step 3: Materials

These closet rod kits.
Paint (optional)

(Here you can see the closet rod pack next to the old frame legs

Step 4: Tools

Drillbits of appropriate sizes
Screw driver bit
Wrenches to take off frame

Step 5: Cut to Length

Your closet kits will come with 2 pipes each. Cut the pipe that's the smaller size (1.12")
The length to need it to match the original ones.
I also cut a little extra piece of the other tube to act as a reinforcement. You'll see what I mean in a minute.

Step 6: Mark Out Matching Holes

Basically remake the hole locations from the original. BEWARE: not all pipes are drilled the same from the factory. Replace each one individually as made.

Once you've marked the holes. Drill a pilot hole, then drill to final size.

You'll notice that the holes aren't centered perfectly on the factory poles. Annoying but true. You can try to correct this at this time.

Step 7: Here's Before and After

Step 8: Here's the Extra Strengthener I Was Telling You About

Step 9: Assemble

It is easier to assemble it in the tent but this is how it goes together. I didn't replace the top bar of mine cuz it's fine.

Step 10: Installed It Looks Like This

Step 11: DONE!

Take your Wildernest out on a fun overnight camping trip!
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