Introduction: Irwin Vice Grip Muliti Tool Mod

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the new Irwin Vice Grip multi tool is nothing like the old vice grip multi tool “tool box” that had blades and driver that flipped out of the handle. This mod makes it so you can actually use the locking blade on a new vice grip multi tool.

Step 1: Grinding

youl’m need to grind one of the rivets and the thumb tab for the driver. This brings up the only draw back to this mod. The driver is a little tough to pull out after this mod is done. But it’s still workable!

Step 2: Remove Both Bolts.

you’ll need two 2.5 mm Allen wrenches and you’ll need to heat them (the bolts) up with a torch to release the loctite

Step 3: Flip Knife Unit to Other Side and Reinsert the Bolts!

put the bolts and nuts in the same orientation to the knife as before. You’ll notice that the knife frame will be bent in the middle slightly. This doesn’t affect knife operation. It is a good idea to reapply loctite in this step.

Step 4: Completed!! Now You Have a Functional Knife!

this is how the knife should have been assembled in the first place!