Introduction: Wind Tube!!

We built a wind tube, or vertical wind tunnel, to test how certain objects can float. We tested a bunch of fun materials, and found that terminal velocity determines how it will float.

Step 1: Materials

Large (36x48) sheet

of see-through plastic (cut into 6 equal-sized pieces)

Duct tape

One fan of a size proportional to the amount of plastic

Step 2: Explanation of Physics!

This contraption works on the concept of terminal velocity. If something falls at a terminal velocity of 5 meters per second, and the fan blows air up and 5 meters per second, the object will hover in place in the wind tunnel.

Step 3: Test Results!

We put a variety of different objects inside the tube, and we found that some floated while others didn't. The object that provided the best result was a partially inflated small beach ball (the blue one in the photos).

Step 4: Assembly!

First we created a proof of concept, cutting the bottoms off of two small cups and taping them together. We then placed them on top of a fan, and attached a small parachute to a clip. We found that the object floated, so we began the production of the full scale model.

1. We bought a 36 x 48 in. sheet of acrylic

2. We had the sheet cut into even pieces

3.We taped the pieces together to create the tube

4. Put the tube onto the fan Tested a variety of different objects