Introduction: Window Board Dog Bed ...For a Dog

This instructable is about me trying to sew something and generaly being frustrated in process.

But also this instructable is about our new dog. Her name is Lita. We took her a few months ago from a shelter. She's less than a year old and she likes to lay at the window and chew human hands.That's why I made her the bed thing. With a pillow.

Step 1:

The process of window board deterioration had been started by our previous dog, who's sadly no longer with us anymore. But, although the new generation has taken the tradition to continue, it's time to make some change.

So, firstly, I'm measuring the board.

Step 2:

The fabric for this build has been taken from our old sofa, so I had to choose from whatever size pieces had been generously presented by it.

Two large sheets of better qualitye were taken to form the up face of the bedding. They were trimmed to size and not washed, because I like to think that my childhood pee is still there... remembering me sometimes... Ok I should have washed it.

Step 3:

Then pieces were sewn together.

Step 4:

The bottom detail was sewn from two long pieces.

Step 5:

Before sewing both details together I'm positioning and sewing down two strips of velcro to the bottom side. Those will be securing the bed on the window board.

Step 6:

Now two details can be sewn along the edge, so I'm aligning them with front sides facing each other and doing the sewing. Don't forget to leave an opening to turn the thing inside out later.

As you can see, I had to chop the lenght a bit to match the width of the filler material.

Step 7:

Now using the casing itself as a template I'm cutting four sheets of synthetic filler which gives me the desired thickness.

Step 8:

When I'm done with that, I'm turning the casing inside out and inserting the filler through the same opening.

Step 9:

And now the opening can be sewn closed.

Step 10:

Two upstanding borts at sides are the feature of the design, so mark them out and sew through.

Realize that you've got the measurings wrong, and sew them again.

Realize that you've got the measurings wrong again and do nothing about it.

Step 11:

Eat some noodles.

Step 12:

Now, the tufting. It's when you apply a lot of buttons to a soft furniture to make it look like those chairs from Matrix... but without taking any pills...

I don't know, what I'm saying.

Anyway. I didn't have any suitable buttons, so I just did it with stitches, which, while doesn't look that great, is probably for better, since those most likely would ended up being chewed off anyway.

Step 13:

Stick some doublesided tape to the velcro and attach it to the already sewn down counterparts.

Step 14:

Once the bed laid down onto it's place, the velcro would stuck right where it should be. Almost. So, undo the previous step and instead of some tape, use good tape.

Step 15:

Initially this part should be the end for the project, but my mom gave me the idea to add a pillow. So, here's some red rectangles.

Step 16:

But more likely, they are burgundy.

Step 17:

And now they are a square.

Step 18:

And inside-out square.

Step 19:

And black rectangles are here.

Step 20:

But they're a square from the get go.

Step 21:

White rectangles, consumed by black square.

Step 22:

And finally, a puffy black square consumed by burgundy square.

Step 23:

The dog is applyed later, and ta-da!

Anyway, the dog is happy now, so wote for me in the Warm And Fuzzy contest.

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