Introduction: Window Clings With Everyday Items!

Great project for all ages to add a little fun into their space. Easy project with items you probably already have in your home. This can be a quick activity for more basic designs, or you can spend more time creating something unique, not including drying time overnight. Fun project for kids to decorate their windows in their room or even a way to make car rides a little more interesting. Also, a great and inexpensive way for anyone to decorate their house for any holiday.



· Elmer’s Glue

· Dish Soap

· Glitter glue

· Paint (optional for more vivid colors)

· Paper plate

· Paint brush

· Stencils or cookie cutters

· Plastic page protectors

· 1 tsp measuring device

· ¼ tsp measuring device

Step 1:

Put stencils in plastic page protectors or if using cookie cutters just hold on top of plastic page protectors

Step 2:

Mix 1 tsp. of glue, ¼ tsp. of dish soap and your choice of glitter glue color together on a paper plate

Step 3:

If you are looking for more color mix in a couple drops of paint

Step 4:

Now paint! If using cookie cutters as a guide, carefully pour the mixture in center of the cookie cutter and spread the mixture evenly. If using a stencil, start in the middle and use your paint brush to outline stencils.

Step 5:

Apply many layers of mix evenly on your design for a thick and sturdy window cling

Step 6:

Let dry overnight

Step 7:

Peel your craft off the plastic page protector when it is completely dry

Step 8:

Stick on window!