Introduction: Wine Bottle Bag From Old Shirt Sleeve

When travelling with a bottle of wine the worst thing to ever happen is for a full bottle of wine to break. That is why people like protecting their wine bottles with wine sleeves. It makes wine bottles easier to travel with and less likely to break in transit. Wine sleeves are also great way to dress up gifts of wine.

I decided to try making my own unique wine sleeve out of an old button up shirt out I picked up at a thrift store.

Step 1: Supplies

Recycled long sleeve button up shirt - I was able to find one at my local thrift store for 9 cents!! (thrift stores are awesome!)



sewing machine

Step 2: Cut Off the Sleeve of the Shirt

1. Measure out 12" of your shirt sleeve from the cuff - An average wine bottle is just under 12" so making your sleeve 12" will make it slightly taller than the wine bottle.

2. Cut your shirt sleeve at 12" from the cuff

Step 3: Cut Circular Bottom

You should have a little bit of sleeve left. I used this to cut out the bottom piece of the sleeve

1. Measure the length of the cut end of the sleeve. - The length of the bottom of the sleeve will be used as the diameter of the circular bottom the length of my sleeve was 8" The diameter of your circular bottom will be half this size (4")

2. Cut the rest of the sleeve off - This will make it easier to cut a circle out of

4. Measure out your circle - I used a compass and drew as circle around the lines I measured the compass to 2" (this will give you an average circle bottom size)

5. Cut out your circle

Step 4: Sew Bottom to the Sleeve

1. Flip both pieces inside out - Make sure the wrong side of the fabric (the side you don't want to see in the end) is now facing you

2. Sew the pieces together - Sewing a circle on the bottom is a little tricky. Make sure fabric you don't want to sew together doesn't accidentally get folded under under where you are sewing. Just pay attention and it shouldn't be a problem at all

Step 5: Flip Right Side Out

1. When done sewing you can flip the sleeve right side out - and you have your final product

Optional: You can cut out some extra fabric from your scraps tor create a tie so you can tie the bottle into your wine sleeve.

Step 6: Add Wine

A wine sleeve is only complete when there is wine in it. Slide in your favorite bottle of wine and you are ready to go to your next party!


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