Introduction: Wine Bottle Safe

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In this Instructable, I demonstrate a way to make a hiding place inside of a wine bottle.

The finished product will look like unopened wine bottle.


What you'll need:

An empty Wine Bottle

3D Printed Cap/Lid - Downlaod STL attached

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40mm Diamond Hole Saw

Diamond Cutting wheel for sanding

Diamond File

PVC Heat shrink sleeve

Step 1: Get a Bottle With a "egg Cup Shaped" Bottom

Some wine bottles have a flat-ish bottom - don't use those.

You want a bottle with curved IN bottom or egg cup shaped.

Egg cup shaped - because it could hold and egg, like an egg cup.

Step 2: Cover the Labels or Remove

If you want to keep the labels, make sure to cover them, so they don't get wet.

I like to use cling-film (plastic wrap) and electrical tape.

Step 3: ​Drill a 40mm Hole

Pour some water into the "bottom cup" and slowly drill a hole.

Step 4: Sanding the Inner Bottom

I used a diamond disk to sand the inner bottom.

Apart from making it smooth, we're also doing it so the 3D printed cup would lock properly.

Don't go crazy with sanding until you try the 3D printed cap.

Here I am showing another bottle that's not covered with plastic, so it's easier to see.

Step 5: Sandind Slots for the Cap

We need to sand 2 parallel slots for the 3D printed cap.

You can flip the cap around to mark the sanding points or do it by eye.

On most of bottles you can see the line from the mould. It can be used as a guide. Unfortunately it's not always visible, especially when the bottle is dirty from sanding.

Step 6: Wash the Bottle and Clean With Alcohol

Wash the bottle and clean it with alcohol to remove all the grease

Step 7: Spray Painting With Matte Black Paint

There are many ways you can paint the bottle.

I personally prefer to spray paint. I find it easier to use a nozzle from a compressed air can. It does not "mist" the paint as good as original nozzle, but I can access hard to reach spots.

I finished painting with the original nozzle.

Go slow and paint in steps.

I usually paint the bottle in 3 - 4 steps letting letting the paint "look" dry before painting again.

Step 8: PVC Heat Shrink Sleeve

If you want, you can use the bottle as a "vase safe" or alternatively, put on a heat shrink sleeve and use a hair dryer to shrink it.

If you want you can put in a cork before heat-shrinking the neck.

Step 9: Hide Stuff Inside of a Wine Bottle

If you need to hide sweets from your partner (not because you're greedy, because you care about his/hers health).........and it happens that they don't drink wine, this is a perfect hiding spot.