Introduction: Wine Cork Art

We all know someone that loves wine; whether it be ourselves, friends, or family members, and wine lovers go through quite a few bottles. Many times, after a bottle is opened, the cork is thrown out or tossed into a wine cork holder, but why not put those corks to use and make something of them?

Wine cork art is simple to make, turns out great, can make an excellent present, and is always fun to gather up the materials.

Step 1: Materials

Wine Corks (around 200)

These can come from a collection you already have or can be bought on Amazon for ~$15

White or Black Canvas

Can come from a crafts store or online for ~$10

Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

(Optional) Paint for if you choose to change the canvas color

A sample is enough and can be purchased for ~$2

Step 2: Step 1: Setting Up

If you’re going to be painting the canvas give yourself a few hours to let it dry, or overnight.

Decide dimensions of how large you want the art. I will be using a 24” x 30” canvas and ~200 corks

Draw a rough outline in pencil or white crayon (depending on canvas color) of the shape you want

Step 3: Step 2: Applying Corks

Make sure the canvas is flat, as to not have corks falling off before dry

Start at the bottom of the shape and work bottom to top and from one side to another

Apply a dab or small circle of hot glue to the bottom of the cork and press onto canvas

For more secure placements, place hot glue on side of corks to attach to each other

Once all corks are placed let canvas dry for at least one hour

Step 4: Step 3: Results

Once the project is finished you now have artwork you can share, showoff, and admire!

I created this art as a gift for my wine-loving mother and she absolutely loves it!