Introduction: Wine Cork Christmas Trees

My motto for Instructables is "Make it simple, Make it cheap". This one only takes two things--wine corks and a hot glue gun. You can of certainly go wild with yours and decorate with any items you already have or wish to purchase. I'll show you the basics and the rest is up to you.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

If you didn't save corks throughout the year than step one this may take a little longer. You will need at least 7 corks for the smallest and up to 24 for the largest. Actually you can go bigger and bigger depending on how many corks you have. Please don't try to get them all in one day. I'm just glad that I've been saving for quite awhile or I would be too tipsy to type if I needed many more.

You will also need a glue gun, and any decorations that you would like to use. I had pom-poms and sparkle pipe cleaners left from my Folded Book Christmas Tree project so I decided to use them. If the smallest size is going to be a ornament, than a small screw eye can go in the top.

Step 2: Arrange the Trees on a Flat Surface

Arrange your trees on a flat surface to make sure you have enough corks for each tree. I use three for the base but four can be used. The smallest one that is for a ornament only has one for the base because it doesn't have to stand on it's own.

Step 3: Start Gluing the Levels Together

Starting from the bottom, glue the base corks together side by side and set aside to cool. Do the same with all the next levels and let them cool and set the glue completely. Glue the three for the base together and set aside.

Step 4: Glue the Assending Levels on the Tree

Set the widest group down and put a generous amount of glue on the top where the next level will fit. Set the next smaller set on top and keep going until the last one on the top. Glue the base to the center of the widest level and your finished.

Step 5: Decorations and Paint

I had some green paint so I painted the ends of the smallest one for an ornament. TIP: For such a small amount of painting I just used a cotton tipped stick and threw it away. No clean up at all. The other trees I used the pipe cleaners as garlands. Twist them back and forth over your finger and they look just like hanging garlands.

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