Introduction: Wine, Tea and Coffee Server

Here in one space is everything together. You can have all of your entertaining needs in one place. This is great for outdoor entertaining.

Step 1: Going Back to Basics

Some time ago I submitted an instructable called the Basic Transformer Case. These trays are designed to sit in the Basic Case. One traycan hold appies, another crackers and cutlery and the cavity can hold ice packs.

The Basic Transformer Case is shown above. The components of the trays are shown. The method of gluing etc are all listed in the Basic Transformer Case instructable.

The trays are cut and put together the same as the lid of the Basic Case. The additional space shown above below the two trays is made by lining the walls with pieces of wood cut so that the woods width is the height that you desire this space to be. The wood lining the length goes from edge to edge but the short side lining goes from the edge of the lining on the long sides.

The maximum height of the trays should not exceed the height of the wall of the basic case.

The lid of the case is holding the beverages.

Step 2: