Winecorks Turns Into Dinnercard Holders.

Introduction: Winecorks Turns Into Dinnercard Holders.

This is a simple and easy instructable about how you can transform your old (or new) winecorks into something eye-catching on the dinnertable. The images explains it all. I got this idea from reading about a final product (for sale) that was made in ceramics. So, why not make it on your own?

Step 1: Just a Simple Winecork.

Use a plain old or new winecork.

Step 2: Place Your Cork and Saw...

Place your cork as you want it to be standing in the end. Then make a nice cut. I used a Dremel but a small saw with fine teeth would also work.

Step 3: Make a Nice Cut...

Make a thin cut/slot that is about 5mm deep. Depending on your paper, the width of the cut may vary. Just make it as tight as possible to make sure the card stays.

Step 4: Cut the Bottom...

Use a sharp knife or saw and cut away a third of the cork. Cut on the opposite side of your notch (see image).

Step 5: Bottom Part Is Removed.

A 1/3 of the cork have been removed.
If you don't have enough corks at home you can cut another score on the opposite side of the cork and then divide the cork into two equal pieces. (NOT shown in picture). This way yo can make two holders out of one cork.

Step 6: Finetuning of the Bottom...

To level the ground we put a piece of sandpaper on a flat surface and grind the cork with our hand until it's nice and flat.
You're done!
Swedish translation of this instructable can be found at hobbyman_dot_se


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    13 years ago on Introduction

    This is ingenious and simply beautiful. Thank you. =)


    15 years ago on Introduction

    Hi, Looks great, but please spread out the pictures/instructions into several steps to make it easier to see. Thanks!


    Reply 15 years ago on Introduction

    Hi Canida and thx for your comment. Consider it done. :-) Cheers!