Introduction: Winter Slime

How to make winter themed slime! This project is fun and safe for people of all ages. An easy project to do with your children when they are home from school for a snow day!

Step 1: What You Will Need:

1 cup of warm water

½ cup of Clear Glue

¼ tsp Borax

Baby Oil

1-3 drops of Food Coloring

Snowflake Confetti Glitter

Mixing Bowl Mixing Spoon/Fork

Container with lid (for storage)

Step 2: How to Make Your Winter Slime:

  • Before making the slime, you need to create a Borax Solution:

Combine ¼ teaspoon of borax powder into a half-filled cup of warm water.

Mix until the borax has completely dissolved.

Keep this Borax Solution for the next phase: Making your slime!

The solution will be used in the actual slime-making process.

  • Steps to begin making your slime:

Slowly add and mix ½ cup of warm water with the glue in the mixing bowl.

Add the entire ½ cup of Borax Solution into the mixing bowl containing the water and glue.

Add ½ cup of clear glue into the mixing bowl.

Mix with either a tablespoon or fork.

Continue to mix well for 2-5 minutes until the product begins to coagulate, or become consistently gooey.

Optional: Add 3 drops of baby oil. This will reduce the stickiness and allow for easier handling at the end. (You may add more to your finalized slime product later on if needed)

Once the clear slime has a definite shape, add 2 drops of blue food coloring and continue to mix.

Begin to mix and knead the slime in the bowl (similar to kneading dough). It’s okay if there is leftover water in the bowl once you complete this step.

Finally, add a few dashes of the snowflake confetti glitter while continuing to knead it to give it a decorative appearance.

Remove your slime from the mixing bowl and enjoy!