Introduction: Wire Harvester Box Using Corrugated Box

We DIYers use bread board to test small circuits or sometime we even make wire wrap board for larger circuit. what about thoes wire that are of no use. My Idea is of reusing thoes waste wire by harvesting them rather then throwing away

Step 1: Materials Needed


1) corrugated box

2) nut and bolts


1) Paper glue

2) Drill bit

3) scale

4) knife

Step 2: Get a Corrugated Box of Atleast Dimention 40 X 30 X 11 Cm

get a corrugated box of atleast dimention 40 X 30 X 11 cm dimention or above.

Step 3: Cut the Smaller Edge to Get Two Edge Plate As Shown Above

cut the smaller edge plate that has length of 30 cm from both the side to get two edge plate

Step 4: Follow the Above Step for the Other Side Also As Shown in the Figure

follow the above step for the backside also to get two more edge plates.

Step 5: Connect the Corner Plate of the One Side of Corrugated Box From Inside Using Cellotape

connect the corner plate of the corrugated box from inside using cello tape of one side as shown in figure

Step 6: Connect the Conner Plate of Same Side From Out Side As Shown Above

connect the corner plate of the same side using cellotape from out side

Step 7: In This Step the 4 Card Boad Plate That Was Created Need to Be Cutted in the Dimetion to Fix Inside the Box

cut the four car board plate of dimention 28 X 10 cm so that it can fixed inside the box without any force

Step 8: Glue the 3 Plate Using Paper Glue

In this step divide the inner space in foure equal haves and then glue the cardboard plate as a divider as shown above

Step 9: Drill 4 Hole From the Corner That Connects the Divided Space

drill each holes for each divided space larger enough that a wire can drop in with out any force

Step 10: Make 4 Latch Plate Using Remaing Cardboard Plate

in this step you need to make 4 latch plate using the one cardboard plate left

Step 11: Connect the Latch Plate Using Nut and Bolt As Shown Above

connect the latch plate using screw and bolt easy enough to move so that the box can be close using latch plate

Step 12: Connect 4 Sticker of Different Colour It Should Be the Colour of the Wire That You Want to Feed in the Space

connect 4 sticker of different colour of the wire that you want to feed in the space

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