Introduction: Wire Tree

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Decorate home tablets with this wire tree.


  1. Copper Wire 60 Metre (20 Gauge)
  2. Wire Cutter
  3. Nose Pliers
  4. Wood Piece
  5. Drill Power Tool
  6. Measuring Tape
  7. Marker

Step 1: Setup

  1. Measure 18 inches of wire and cut it.
  2. By doing the same cut all the wire.
  3. Now you have a bunch of 18 inches wires.

Step 2: Making the Base

  1. Take a piece of wood, mark 8 points on it like shown in picture.
  2. Now the calculation part comes.
    1. Divide the total number of wires on 8. In my case 114/8 = 14.
    2. Now make a 8 clusters of wires each containing 14 wires.
    3. Analyse the thickness of cluster and select the drill bit according to the thickness of cluster.
  3. Make hole on that points with drill machine.
  4. And pass each cluster through these hole (1 inch).
  5. Bend these wires so they can't pull back out.

Step 3: Making the Trunk and Branches

  1. Grab the wood with left hand and wire with right hand and twist it. Use Pliers if needed.
  2. Split the wires to make the main branches and twist them too.
  3. Again split for some small branches.
  4. By doing the same make more branches as much you like. But remember one thing leave minimum 3 inches from the top of every branch to make leaves.

Step 4: Making the Leaves

  1. Open the wires if it bends from top of branches.
  2. Grab one wire with nose pliers at the top (Leaving the half cm) then twist your wrist to right, again hold this wire a little below and twist your wrist to left. Do it till the end of wire.
  3. Now the wire have some zic zac shape.(See in picture)
  4. Make all wire shape like this in the same branch.
  5. Now roll them or press them to compress.
  6. Do it for all the other all branches.

Step 5: See How This Tree Was Made (Video)

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