Introduction: Wire Tree With Bonsai Pot

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Materials :

  1. Copper wire 20 gauge (2 foot x 270 No. of wires)
  2. Balloons
  3. Cement
  4. Cloth
  5. Poster Colors
  6. Wood Dust
  7. White Glue
  8. Brushes
  9. Wire Cutter
  10. Wire Plier

Step 1: Making Tree Trunk and Branches

  1. Make a bunch of wires 2 foot x 270 pieces.
  2. Twist them.
  3. Bend it.
  4. Pull wires to make branches.
  5. Further Split them.

Step 2: Making Leaves

  1. Open wires at end.
  2. Roll the wire with Pliers.
  3. Press wire with thumb to compress it.
  4. Do same for all wires.

Step 3: Making Roots

  1. Open wires from the bottom.
  2. Make segments.
  3. Twist them half.
  4. Again split and twist.

Step 4: Making Pot

  1. Blow up a balloon
  2. In some container take cement powder and add small quantity of water in it and mix well.(Caution! Cement reacts with skin cause skin burn. Must use gloves)
  3. Take a piece of cloth dip it in cement paste and put it on balloon.
  4. Make pointy at corners.
  5. Add more cement paste on cloth.
  6. Give support to balloon to hold it and wait for 24 hours to make it dry.
  7. After 24 hours, press the balloon from sides to separate it from pot or blow it.
  8. Soak it in water.
  9. Again make cement paste.
  10. Apply thick layer of cement in pot to strengthen the pot.
  11. Another long wait 24 hours.

Step 5: Wire Tree Fix in Pot

  1. Bent down the roots of tree from corners.
  2. Add some extra long wires in roots.
  3. To make tree bit up in pot, take long piece of wire and make ball of it by rolling it.
  4. Bind roots extra long wire with this wire ball.
  5. Hold the tree in pot and stay it with things to support it.
  6. Fill cement in pot.
  7. 24 hours ZzZZZZzzzzz :)

Step 6: Makeup :)

  1. Paint pot brown or clay like color.
  2. Leave it to dry.
  3. Take wood dust from some carpenter.
  4. Mix water and dark green poster color in wood dust and set aside.
  5. Mix water and light green poster color in wood dust and set aside.
  6. When dry mix both. (light green dust 70% dark green dust 30%).
  7. Apply white glue with brush in pot and sparkle our artificial moss on it.
  8. Tilt the pot to remove extra particles.

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