Introduction: Wired to Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Convertion

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Ever wished you could just cut off your headphones from the tangled mess of wires and start hearing your songs?Well here is a hack for you!!! This is how you convert your wired headphones into a wireless one. Using this hack you can always stay connected to your music without any restrictions.You can also attend calls and pause or change music track with just with the push of a button on the side.Whats different about this hack is that you can convert it back to a wired headphones anytime just by connecting an aux cable to the jack in case of devices which does not support bluetooth.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

1. A wired headphone of any kind

2. 3 mm male audio pin X 2

3. A 3 mm female audio socket

4. A bluetooth receiver with built in battery and mic

5. Some super glue

6. A pack of mseal

Step 2: Opening Up Your Headphones

Most headphones are usually opened by loosening 2 or 3 screws which are hidden under the foam padding

Step 3: Cutting the Wires

Extend the headphone head support arc to its maximum size and then take the length of wire from one speaker to other over the arc plus 3 or 4 inches longer.them cut the wire using scissors.

The wire on the other speaker on which you are going to fix the BTrecever can be cut a few inches from the speaker

Step 4: Taking Wire Through the Head Support Arc

1. Make a small thin hole on both the speaker casing using a small heated screw driver and pull the wire out through it

2. The headphone should be extended to its maximum size before sticking the wires to the arc using superglue.

3. The other end of the wire is taken into the other speaker case.

Step 5: Connecting the Female Audio Jack

1. A small hole is made on the speaker case on which you are planning to fix the BT receiver using a soldering iron.

2. The 4 wires are pulled out and connected to the jack according the circuit provided ( note: the golden wires are usually the negative connection)

3. The female jack is fixed to the casing using superglue .( A tictac candy box cover can be used as spacer if required)

Step 6: Making a Mini Aux Pin

1. Two 3 mm male audio pins are first glued to each other as seen in the pics.

2. The wiring is done (ground to ground, left to left and right to right terminals).

3. M-seal or something similar is used to seal the connections .

4. Wait until it hardens completely.

Step 7: Final Setting

One side of the aux pin is connected to the BT receiver and the other end to the audio jack and enjoy your tangle free and restrictions free music experience ;)

Step 8: My Friend Issac Trying on the Headphone

Step 9: Using As Wired Headphones in Case of Devices With No Bluetoooth

The headphones can be used as wired ones anytime you want just by removing the bluetooth receiver and connecting an aux cable in the female jack.

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