Introduction: DIY // Wireless Bluetooth Speaker From 90's Radio

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I Found my old Radio on the Attic, this was the first radio i got, it was Broken long time ago.

I ordered 1 USB Bluetooth receiver, an amplifier module and a USB power Bank All the Items Listed in the Video Description with Link to the Homage where i got it.

I dissembled the radio, removed all the electronics, i cut the old PCB where the volume and the Tone adjuster is located, i removed the volume potentiometer from the amplifier PCB and soldered the Old Radios potentiometer with some wires in so that the original potentiometer on his original place can adjust the volume, the tone potentiometer is just for the look.

The amplifier runs from 5V DC so any wall Adapter, Phone charger or USB Power Bank works for powering it.

I soldered an old USB B cable on it so i can change the power source.

I removed the case from the Bluetooth receiver and de soldered the USB connector, i found a 5V dc output on the amplifier board and wired the Bluetooth receiver so that when i turn on the amplifier it turns on the receiver.

I Hot glued all the components in the Case of the Radio, soldered the speaker to the amplifier Board ( yes it is mono, But the amplifier is 2.1 Channel, You can wire all the connections if you have more speakers)

The Receiver had an 3.5mm jack output, and the radio an 3,5mm input so i just plugged them together wit the Jack cable that is came with the receiver.

On the case of the radio is a Headphone out jack that i converted to a input jack and connected it to the amp PCB's input line. So you can plug in any source if needed.

I put the case together, and tried it! it all works! Please consider to subscribe to my YouTube channel!

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