Introduction: Wireless Charging Phone Holder

What is design thinking?

Design thinking is a very important design strategy that can be used in any type of product. Design thinking consists of these steps: Emphasize, define, ideate, prototype, and test. Why is design thinking important when designing? Design thinking is extremely important to follow when you are designing something because it makes you realize what other people think about your design and lets to have feedback so you can change your design any time, making it easier to make a successful product.

Describe your design. My design consists of a wireless charging phone holder that can also hold your wallet in the back. As you can see in the pictures, the phone holder really does charge your phone wirelessly.


The supplies I used were: Cardboard, Wireless charger, Wrenches, Tape, gorilla glue, and a band. All the supplies listed here are as seen in the photos above.

Step 1: Step 1: Discovery and Interpretation

What is empathy and how does it fit with design thinking?

Empathy plays a big role in design thinking because its to put yourself in other's shoes to see the product from another person's perspective of how they want the product/ design. This step helps you realize what other people might want.

Who is your user?

My user scales from teenagers to adults who have phones and wallets. What is the interpretation phase? The interpretation phase is a phase where you go deeper into the information of your product/ design and you ask others what their drivers and constraints are for your design.

What were the drivers and constraints that came from the interview? Some of my most important drives and constraints were the following. For drivers, I had "Some compartments" "Wireless Charging" and "Simple". For constraints, I had "Charges the Phone", "Simplicity" and "Durable".

Step 2: Ideation

The Ideation phase is a phase where you draw what you want your designs to look like and have at least 10 sketches of possible ideas for your design/ idea.

Step 3: Prototype

Describe the steps in detail of making your design. If you want to split this into several more steps, please do so.

1. Get measurements of 10 by 16 centimeters in 3 different pieces of cardboard.

2. Get measurements of two 10 by 10 pieces of cardboard.

3. Get one 16 by 10-centimeter cardboard and cut out a circle in the middle as seen in the first picture above.

4. Get another 16 by 10-centimeter cardboard and paste it with glue to the back of the cardboard with the circle. and cut a tiny wire hole at the bottom as seen in the first picture.

5. Get your stick wrenches and measure them on the last 16 by 10 cardboard and cut out the measurements.

6. Tape the stick wrenches inside of there cut-outs.

7. Next, get your two 10 by 10 cardboard and paste them together and then make a small cable hole at the bottom.

8. Then get your band and tape it to the middle of your 10 by 10 cardboard.

9. Next up you paste the wireless charger to the hole in the 16 by 10 cardboard and run the wire through the wire hole.

10. Get your 10 by 10 cardboard and hold the 16 by 10 cardboard with the wireless charger up while having the cable go through the 2 cable holes on top of one 16 by 10 cardboard.

11. Paste everything together with superglue so it doesn't move from that position

12. Wait for 1 day to pass and you will have a stable phone holder/ charger.

Step 4: These Are Some Photos of the Finished Product

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