Introduction: Wireless Qi Charger Laser or 3D-printed

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Hi again! It is time for a new project, today im going to show you how to build your own wireless phone or smartwatch charger. I made one with a lasercutter and one with a 3D-printer.

Parts used:
USB-C cable -
Wireless charging PCB-
9V fast charger -
4 mm plywood
If your phone doesnt support wireless charging, you need one of these -

Tools used:
Laserengraver K-40 -
Tevo tarantula 3D-printer -
Glue gun -


Step 1: Design

First i made the design in Adobe Illustrator and also a 3D-model of it.
The Ai files can be downloaded. Just add your own pattern or engraving to the top part.

Step 2: 3D-files

If you wish to 3d-print it here is the STL-files, you can also fin them at thingiverse.
The bottompart is optional.

Step 3: Lasercut or 3D-print

Then i lasercut the middle and bottomparts with the K40 Laserengraver.

Step 4: Stain the Wood

Before i cut and engraved the top part i stained the wood to make the engraving lighter than the dark patina the stain gives the wood. Waited about 30 minutes before i engraved the top part.

Step 5: Make the Top Part a Little Thinner Where the Transmitter Will Be Glued.

I used a mortise chisel to make the plywood top part to make the transmitter a little mer efficent.

Step 6: Glue Everything Together

Use PVA-glue for the bodyparts and a gluegun for the PCB components
For the 3D-printed part i glued a corksheet on top of it to get rid of the plastic look (optional)

Step 7: Finished

Now you got your own wireless charger with over-temprature protection and over-current protection.

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