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Introduction: Bluetooth Speaker Cnc-milled

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Hi everybody, I recently got access to an Inventables CNC-mill so I decided to learn how to mill and make a DIY bluetoothspeaker that was light to bring and long batterytime

Parts used:
Bluetoothstereo-module (10$) -
Step up converter (2$) -
2 x Batteryholder (2$)-
2x Batteries 4000 mAh - (13$)
Switch -
USB-chargingboard (2$) -
Speakers (bought mine on secondhand, but here is similar) -
Microusb to usb -
Scrapwood,putty and spraycans and coating

3D-printer (200$) -
Solderiron -
Solder helpinghand -
Cutting Plier -
Cnc-mill - inventables X-carve
Small cnc-mill -


Step 1: Sketch

First i sketched up my parts in Easel the i chose to have my geometry cut on the outside of my geometry, i setup the cutting deep and choose what drillbit to use, i got a 1/8 inch cut bit and a v-groove bit to chamfer the edges.

Step 2: Milling

I made sure the wood was fixed and hade no chance of moving, and then just picked my origo and started to mill. I milled holes on top of the boombox and 3D-printed buttons for the bluetoothmodule.

Step 3: Break Edges

Remove sharp edges and sanding it.

Step 4: Glue

I used PVA glue to glue the box and clamped it together.

Step 5: Putty,sand and Paint It

I bought some cheap putty and spraycans and clearcoat and applied 4-5 times to make the finnish look better.

Step 6: Assembly

Assamble and tight the speakers to the front. Put the front on something soft to avoid scratches in the coating.

Step 7: Assamble the Electrics

Im sad to say i dont have many pictures from the electronic part, but i made a schematic and hope you understand how i made.

Step 8: Almost Done Now!

Glue and clamp the front to the box.

Step 9: You Are Done!

Just charge it,pair it with your phone and you should be good to party like there is no tomorrow!
Hope you have enjoyed my tutorial! :)

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    5 years ago

    With all tools you used for it, it isnt really cheap, but on the other hand you can do almost same thing without 3d printer and mill, which is good


    Reply 5 years ago

    Yes you are right, only your imagination sets the limit how it can be built! :) im a part of a maker-organisation so i only pay 10 dollars a year to use the machines.


    5 years ago

    nice, i thought you where using a suitcase, i think i am going to try this with one


    Reply 5 years ago

    thank you, yes it was very funny to make, and for the pricetag im happy with the batterytime and sound :)