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Hi everybody, I recently got access to an Inventables CNC-mill so I decided to learn how to mill and make a DIY bluetoothspeaker that was light to bring and long batterytime

Parts used:
Bluetoothstereo-module (10$) -
Step up converter (2$) -
2 x Batteryholder (2$)-
2x Batteries 4000 mAh - (13$)
Switch -
USB-chargingboard (2$) -
Speakers (bought mine on secondhand, but here is similar) -
Microusb to usb -
Scrapwood,putty and spraycans and coating

3D-printer (200$) -
Solderiron -
Solder helpinghand -
Cutting Plier -
Cnc-mill - inventables X-carve
Small cnc-mill -


Step 1: Sketch

First i sketched up my parts in Easel the i chose to have my geometry cut on the outside of my geometry, i setup the cutting deep and choose what drillbit to use, i got a 1/8 inch cut bit and a v-groove bit to chamfer the edges.

Step 2: Milling

I made sure the wood was fixed and hade no chance of moving, and then just picked my origo and started to mill. I milled holes on top of the boombox and 3D-printed buttons for the bluetoothmodule.

Step 3: Break Edges

Remove sharp edges and sanding it.

Step 4: Glue

I used PVA glue to glue the box and clamped it together.

Step 5: Putty,sand and Paint It

I bought some cheap putty and spraycans and clearcoat and applied 4-5 times to make the finnish look better.

Step 6: Assembly

Assamble and tight the speakers to the front. Put the front on something soft to avoid scratches in the coating.

Step 7: Assamble the Electrics

Im sad to say i dont have many pictures from the electronic part, but i made a schematic and hope you understand how i made.

Step 8: Almost Done Now!

Glue and clamp the front to the box.

Step 9: You Are Done!

Just charge it,pair it with your phone and you should be good to party like there is no tomorrow!
Hope you have enjoyed my tutorial! :)

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