Introduction: Witch Hat Quick and Easy

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Came home and my wife wanted to make a witches hat, this is what we came up with

Step 1: Brim of the Hat

Create a brim,
The Doughnut
We used Foam Core board and a pot lid and bowl to trace the circles that best fit our objective sizes

Step 2: Cone

Use a poster board, make cone to fit in the brim.
Trim for size. (add an inch for tabs)
Cut tabs to attach to brim

Step 3: Attach Cone to Brim

Hot glue cone to brim

Step 4: Old T-shirt to Cover

We used an old t-shirt to cover up the brim.
We used the sleeve to cover the brim
Trim and Glue...
Wrap the cone and Glue... (not rocket science)

Step 5: Accessories

We wrap it with a strip of purple cloth.

Step 6: Go Play

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