Introduction: Witches Face

Make fun witches with colored construction paper.

Step 1: Step One: Materials

  1. You will need:
    1. Orange, yellow, black, red, white, and green construction paper
    2. Glue
    3. Scissors

Step 2: Step Two: Hat

Cut from the black construction paper a curved triangle for the witch's hat.

Cut out a strip that will fit on the hat from the red construction paper.

Then glue the strip on the hat and press it down with your hands and its perfect.

Step 3: Step 3: Face

Cut out a yellow circle for her face (in the picture you can see).

Glue it on the back of her hat.

Step 4: Step Four: Hair/Nose

Now use the orange construction paper for her hair; cut the paper in long strips, folding from the center creating a V-shape with the strips.

Glue the orange Construction paper on the sides of her hat. Now your hair is done.

Now cut out a triangle shape from the orange paper and put it down or sideways, now your witches faces is almost done.

Step 5: Step Five: Eyes

Cut out white Construction paper as a circle then cut the green Construction paper as a circle then cut the black Construction paper as a triangle and glue them to form the eyes.

Step 6: Step Six: Teeth/Mouth

Cut a Triangle shape and put cute little teeth on her and glue them.

Now your done with the witches face. Enjoy!!