Introduction: Witchking of Angmar Costume

made for this past halloween, realistic and light paper armor, it have an amazing realistic look

Step 1: Paper Base

i used light paper carton to made the frame, then i strengthen it with news paper pieces glued in the frame.

Step 2: The Maze!

for the maze i used carton and paper carton to created a strong frame, making sure it resembled the actual movie prop, i connected to a chain.

Step 3: The Texture

the metalic texture was achieved using paper towels riped in pieces and glued into de reforsed frames

Step 4: The Gloves

i used actual wool gloves and glued painted carton

Step 5: Extreme Detail!

made entirely of paper carton and glue, texture made with paper towel pieces to appear metallic.the paint was a mix of mettalic silver and gray tones. in order to get this costume rigth it is nessesary to constanly follow the original costume pattern (produce for the action movie picture "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King")

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