Introduction: Wobble Bot!

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Wobble Bots are just the best! They wiggle, they dance, they jump, they care, they listen. They will quite possibly be your new best friend. All you have to do is put them together!

The details:

  • What: Wobble-Bot!
  • Time: ~ 20 minutes
  • Cost: ~ $2
  • Materials:
  • Tools:
    • Hot Glue Gun
    • Scissors
    • Soldering Iron + Solder (optional)

Let's get wobbly!

Step 1: Shape Your Robot's Body and Head

Cut out whatever shapes you want for your robot body and head. Make sure to leave enough room for your battery holder and motor on the body, but truly go crazy with this step. If you dream it, your robot can handle it.

Step 2: Attach Legs, Body, and Head

Use hot glue to attach your legs to the underside of your body. I used corks from a recycle craft shop, but so many things work great (e.g. markers, popsicle sticks, spools, toothpicks).

After, glue on your eyes and glue the head to your body. By now, your robot should be looking pretty darn awesome and is ready for you to fall in love with it.

Step 3: Glue on Battery Pack and Motor

Welcome to your robot's central nervous system!

Start by gluing on your battery holder. Be pretty liberal with hot glue usage, as the wobbling will cause any lightly-attached object to fly off. This is especially true when gluing on the motor. Add TONS of hot glue before and after pressing it on your robot's cardboard behind.

After you have the motor and battery holder locked in, you can push your fifth cork on to the motor spindle. It's fun to experiment with different cork orientations. Place it slightly off-center for a wiggle, or way off-center for maximum wobble.

Step 4: Wire Up Your Wobble Bot

Attach the red and black leads from your battery holder to the two tabs at the base of your motor. If you're doing this project with kids, this is a great first circuit to make! If you'd like to make the wiring permanent, feel free to solder at this step.

Step 5: Your Wobble Bot Is Ready to Rock!

Place in the batteries, and crank up the jams, because your bot is ready to wobble! The easiest way to turn it on and off is by simply removing a battery, but there are other ways as well. Some add in pre-made switches, others make their own with tin foil contacts. Get creative and share!

Additionally, there is an option that does not require a battery back. A single AA or AAA battery can drive DC motors rated 1.5-3V. If you want you can wire a battery directly to your motor tabs. Feel free to write with any questions on this.

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