Introduction: Wok Clock - Turn an Old Pan or Wok Into a Modern Clock

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Hello community!

I think most of you had some time an old or ruined pan in your kitchen. In my case is an old, scratched wok with wooden pan handles that deserves a chance to be reused in an other way.

Step 1: Tools and Supplies


(I took the mechanism from a wall clock that fall from the wall and broke. oops!)


  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • Drill bits for Metal

This means that by using them I earn a small percentage of your purchase, without charging you anything extra.

Step 2: Drill a Hole in the Pan

Find the center of the side you want to be the Clock Face and mark a dot.

Then drill a hole in the pan, big enough for the threaded bushing to fit in. Start with a thin drill bit and continue the same process with larger bits until you reach the desired size.

Step 3: Paint the Pan (optional)

If you do not like the color of your pan or you want to cover some scratches, you can paint the pan and then follow the next step.

Step 4: Assembly the Mechanism With the Pan

First disassembly the outer parts of the clock, pass the threaded bushing through the hole and tighten the hex nut.

Attach the hour hand on the hour hand shaft, the minute hand on the minute hand shaft and the second hand to the second hand pin shaft .

Find a place on a wall for your Pan Clock and enjoy your new project! :D

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