Introduction: Simple 360 Rotating Platform

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Hello and welcome to another instructable! I've been inactive for the last 3 years, but this tool was a nice motivation to start writing instructables again!

The idea came when I was trying to make some product videos at work and is very simple to implement!

Step 1: Tools and Supplies


  • Pencil
  • Nail
  • Hummer
  • Thred
  • Jigsaw
  • File (tool)
  • Drill
  • Drill bits


  • 1 Hex bolt
  • 3 Nuts
  • 1 Roulement
  • 4 Screws
  • Melamine Wood
  • Glue

This means that by using them I earn a small percentage of your purchase, without charging you anything extra.

Step 2: Drawing the Circles (Platform and Base)

To draw the circles use a nail (for the center of the circle), a thred and a nut.

Draw a point on your piece of wood to mark the center of the circle and peg a nail with the hummer.

Tie the two ends of the thread to form a loop (this will be your circle's radius).

Put the nut on one end and the nail on the other (as shown in the photos). Stretch the thread and insert the tip of the pencil into the nut's hole and draw the circle.

The size of the circles on my project was chosen and measured by eye. You can choose the size that fits your needs.

Step 3: Cutting Platform and Base

With the jigsaw cut on the line and use a file to smoothen the edges.

Step 4: Assembling the Mechanism

Tighten the roulement on the bolt between the bolt's head and a nut.

Step 5: Dig a Hole on Base

If you have the appropriate tools, measure the nut (bolt's head) and dig a hole on the center of the up side of the base, deep enough for the bolt to be able to rotate. Thit means that the hole has to be a little deeper than the nut's height and a little wider than the nut's width (measured from corner to opposite corner).

Because I don't have the appropriate tools, I used the drill bits I had at home and a lot of patience.

*The nut and the bolt's head have the same size.

Step 6: Glue Mechanisms on Base

To fasten the mechanism on the base, apply some glue on edges of the roulement and glue it on the base.

Make sure that the bolt is free to rotate.

Step 7: Fasten Nut on Platform

Cut a small piece of wood and drill a hexagon hole on it, for the second nut to fit in tightly. Match the center of the down side of the platform with the center of the nut and secure this piece of wood on the platform, with 4 screws.

Step 8: Connect the Pieces

Screw a nut on the base's bolt (as shown in the photo) and then screw the platform, holding the bolt with one hand. Tighten the nut below the platform to offer stability while rotating.

Your 360 Degree Rotation Platform is ready to use! Enjoy!

Spin it aaaand ACTION!

Step 9: Paint or Cover the Platform (Optional Step - Video Demonstration)

You can paint the platform or cover it with fabric to fit your needs.

I used the base as a smaller rotating platform and I covered it with a piece of black cloth.

In the video you can see the platform's purpose.

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