Introduction: Wolf of the Wilderness

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Find an image or object that inspires imagination

Step 1: Sketch, Brainstorm, Plan

The more you sketch and write, the more options you have to pick from.

Step 2: Gather Materials and Tools

Every project is unique to the artist, tools and materials will vary. Explore various styles and concepts.

Step 3: Print Out Design

Finalize sketches and print out in layers to create depth.

Step 4: Paste Onto Sheet Metal

Arrange layers to minimize waste of metals and space.

Step 5: Trace, Saw, Cut Out Exterior

Various tools are needed for this process, consult a metalsmith guide.

Step 6: Drill Hole, Cut Out Interior

Begin with a drill bit to make a hole and saw out the shape.

Step 7: Sand Edges, Prep for Finish

Gather the layers and arrange them appropriately. Sand the edges to make a smooth finish

Step 8: Paint, Color, Dye

Now is the time to express creativity and add the "personal touch".

Step 9: Stamp, Stylize, Engrave

Arrange the layers together to bring the masterpiece to life!

Step 10: Put It All Together

Enjoy your masterpiece and feel free to like, comment and share :)

Thanks for reading!

-Joshua Miljenovic

Rowan University

Phillipians 4:13