Introduction: Wonder Woman Face Paint

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Unleash the future of justice with this heroic Wonder Woman face paint!

Step 1: Start the Headband

To do this, I began by using Dark Brown from Mehron Paradise to creature part of what will become Wonder Woman's headband.

Step 2: Make a Star & Headband

Then, I used a dark red face paint to paint the anatomy of the 3-dimensional star in the middle of the headband, and used more of that color to connect the lines. Then, I used more dark brown to complete the outline of the headband.

Step 3: Fill in Headband

Next, I grabbed a mix of yellow and gold face paint, as well as gold eyeshadows from Maybelline and e.l.f, and filled in the headband. You can also use Graftobian Gold Body Paint for even more of a true metallic color!

Step 4: Finish the Star

Now, I used a mix of dark brown and bright red to fill in the gaps in the star to give it a 3-dimensional look.

Step 5: Black Outline

Then, I jumped into my black to outline the bottom of the headband, as well as the star in the middle.

Step 6: Red Lips

Then, I used red lipstick, as well as a touch of dark brown to give my lips a pop of color as well as some dimension.

Step 7: Black & White Details

Then, I finished off the look by adding some black and white eyeliner on the eyes, as well as white details on the star, and bottom lip.

Step 8: Her Time Has Come!

Now that is Girl Power has it heroic best! Enjoy the face paint, and the movie while it's still out playing! Otherwise, just wait for its release on DVD!

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