Introduction: Wonder Women Tape Corset

For all those DC lovers and Costume lovers, her is a nice challenge for you. Tape is very difficult to work with and requires a lot of practice and experimenting to get it to work the way you want. Feel free to try different methods to create this corset, this is just my way of doing it.

Also, this is my first instructable, so any advice is welcomed.

Thanks <3

Step 1: Materials

  • Yellow Duct Tape
  • Red Duct Tape
  • Blue Tape (I could not find any navy blue duct tape so I am using painters tape)
  • Gold Scotch Tape (You can use the yellow duct tape in place of this)
  • Velcro (or rope, depends on your preference of attachment at the back of the corset, for this tutorial I'll be using velcro)
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Mannequin (You can use your body if you don't have a mannequin, although its a lot easier if you do)

Step 2: Wrap Your Mannequin

Adjust the mannequin to your body measurements, its best to go a bit bigger as tape has no give. Furthermore, it is easier to cut away than add on later

Take your plastic wrap out of the box, this makes it easier to wrap your mannequin, and start wrapping it around your mannequin, make sure to cover all areas that will have tape on it. Do not worry about having too much plastic wrap in one area it will not matter.

Step 3: Adding the First Layer of Tape

Wrap the mannequin with the red duct tape, this will be the main base of the corset. Do not worry if you add to much duct tape, or add it in parts you're not using, it will be cut away at the end.

Tip: Tape is very hard to work with and requires patience, removing the duct tape is almost impossible and you can risk ruining your costume and having to start over. Cut the tape into smaller sections for more control and slowly press the tape onto the plastic wrap.

After the mannequin is taped to your liking, cut the back of your corset straight up. This will help to put the corset on and to take it off.

Now adjust the mannequin so it is the next size up and put to corset back on, leave the back open. You may need tape to help it stay on the mannequin, so add tape like straps over the mannequin, only place the tape on the plastic wrap NOT your actual corset.

Step 4: Details!

First, you are going to get a strip of yellow tape and draw on it with a sharpie (Sharpie comes off duct tape, just scratch and use water), make a bird shape at the top and a narrow tail at the bottom. Place this piece of tape front center of the corset the head of the bird will be above the red tape.

Now wrap the tape around the top of the corset. First, add the wings to the bird, add a strip of tape to either side of the bird on an angle, then add a second strip under the first one, and longer than the first one on the same angle. The second piece of tape will only be placed slightly under the first, leave about half an inch between the top of the first tape.

An inch below the top of the second strips, start wrapping the tape around the corset, do not worry if there is red appearing above the yellow, that will be cut off later. once you get the cut in the back, wrap the end of the tape around the edge.

On both side of the cut, place tape on the edges, folding the excess over the side.

For the bottom front of the corset, there is a sort of 'w' shape. Using the yellow tape, we will make a triangle, with the point of the top vertex being in line with the bottom of the bird. Now from the sides of the corset, tape a strip of tape for each side and bring to the front at an angle, this will create a rhombus shape at the front. Don't worry about excess tape, this will be cut off later. Fill in the rhombus with tape. Starting from the endpoints of yellow tape on the sides, bring strips of tape to the back, past the cut edges, bringing each strip together at a point.

Make sure that all backs of tape are covered with plastic wrap, add plastic wrap were needed.

Step 5: Trimming

Cut along the edges of the yellow tape, getting rid of any excess plastic wrap and red tape. Also, cut away the extra yellow tape to clean up the edges.

Step 6: Attachments

I added extra strips of tape to the bottom back of the corset because the 'v' went to low. For the top, I took a strip of yellow duct tape, added the plastic wrap to the back and cut it in half, hotdog direction.

The velcro I bought was peel and stick, it was also easy to remove and place in another location if needed. Place the velcro while the corset is on the mannequin, then try it on. If the velcro doesn't feel right feel free to adjust it as much as needed.

Step 7: Skirt

To make the skirt pieces I spread out plastic wrap over a table and then started to tape over it with the blue painter's tape, essentially making a sheet of tape. This tape you can run something across it and it will indent, allowing you to see the shapes you will be cutting out.

Cut out two large rectangles and 4 smaller ones, for both of these the width will be shorter than the length. Take the large rectangles and cut both bottom corners (the smallest side) to make a point. For the smaller rectangles, cut a triangle off for the right side of two, and left the side of the other two. Add the gold scotch tape to the bottom.

Cut out two longer rectangles, do not add gold to these. The width will be a lot longer than the length

When putting these pieces on the corset go from what's on top to what is on the bottom. Start with one large rectangle, tape it to the inside of the corset, then add one right side and one left side small rectangle to either side of the large rectangle. (always attach the rectangle with the width side that has not been cut.

Now add the two longer rectangles to the corset, width side, on beside the left small rectangle and one beside the right small rectangle.

To finish the skirt add the long rectangle to the center of the front, then add the two remain rectangles to either side.

Step 8: Finished!

Add whatever embellishments you like to your corset to make it unique!

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