Introduction: Wood Engraving | Laser Engraved Skateboard

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To introduce our brand new Speedy 360 flexx machine, we decided to customize a few skateboards to add to our showrooms.

This particular skateboard was engraved using an image of the Joker. However, any type of photo can be manipulated in order to engrave using a laser machine.

Check below to see how we did it!

Step 1: Setting Up the Image File.

For all images, they need to be edited in a graphic design software to allow the machine to do the job. The machine reads only certain colours therefore the photo needs to be manipulated. In this photo, we can see the photo is opened in Corel Draw and Corel Photopaint where we will begin the process.

Step 2: Brightening Up the Dark Areas.

As you can see with the original image, the darker spots of the photo are very dark. Using the Tone Curve tool, we are able to lighten up the darker areas of the image. The new image is much brighter which will create a better effect for the laser.

Step 3: Unsharp Mask.

The next step we need to do is to use unsharp mask. This tool will bring out more detail in the photo and ultimately give the laser more effects to engrave.

Step 4: Convert to Black and White.

The last step we need to do to the image to make it laser ready is to convert to black and white. This will darken up some of the lighter gray parts of the image.

Step 5: Time to Engrave.

Now that the photo is ready, we can prepare the machine and skateboard to be engraved. The first step is to make sure that we measure the exact middle of the skateboard to make sure the image will engrave properly. Since the photo measurements are specific to this skateboard, we are just about ready to engrave.

Step 6: Better Safe Than Sorry.

One last step to make sure everything is ready to go; we can outline the job to make sure we will be engraving all the correct spots on the skateboard!

Step 7: Use Your Very Own Image to Personalize Your Skateboard.

Just remember, anything that can be created in graphic design has the ability to be engraved. For a step by step visual analysis of the steps, please see video attached.